Sod Pre Installation in the Intermountain West Area

Step #1: Clear all debris from the site.

Clear out any weeds, rocks, dirt clods, etc. that are larger than 2″ in diameter.

Step #2: Rough Grade

Grade the area to eliminate drainage problems. Be sure to slope the ground AWAY from your home to prevent water from draining towards the home and causing unintentional flooding. Also, eliminate severe high or low spots.

Step #3: Till

Till the area to a depth of 2″ prior to adding any topsoil or soil amendments, such as fertilizer or compost

Step #4: Add topsoil

Add a nutrient-rich topsoil for a total depth of 4-6″.

Step #5: Finish Grade

The entire area should be graded 1″ below any sidewalk, curbing areas, or driveways.

Step #6: Rolling

Roll the entire area with a lawn roller that is 1/3 full. This will reveal any high or low spots that should be corrected prior to installation. (high spots – remove some soil. low spots – add additional soil) Time permitting allow the soil to settle some by applying water through your sprinkler system or by rainfall.

Step #7: Fertilize

Fertilize the area to be sodded just before installation. This will help to maintain your new turfs color throughout the establishment process.


Step #1: Sketch your lot (property)

Using a blank sheet of paper draw a rough diagram of your lot. Be sure to include your home, driveway and sidewalks but also any area that will not be cover with sod. Such as flower beds and garden areas.

Step #2: Measure the area to sod

You need to determine the quantity of sod that you will need to cover the area of your property that you want sodded. Using the sketch from step #1 break the area down into individual squares, rectangles, triangles or circles. Then, using a tape measure or a wheel, measure the length and the width of each individual section and record it on your sketch.

Step #3: Figuring the total square footage

While looking at your sketch and using your measurements from above, figure the square feet for each square or rectangular section by multiplying the length by the width. Then repeat as many times as necessary to determine the total squarefootage needed. To determine the square footage for a triangle use the following calculation: Base x Height divided by 2. To determine the area of a circle use this calculation: Pi (3.14) x Radius (half the distance across the circle) x Radius again. Feel free to contact us with any measuring questions or concerns.

We recommend adding a little extra to your total to account for any estimation errors, angles or corners. It is easier to have a little extra than to be a little short and have to figure out how to get the extra.


Call us to schedule your turf delivery once you’ve completed the area prep and you are ready to install your new lawn. Most orders can be fulfilled within 3-4 business days. Be sure to plan your delivery around your installation time. It is critical that the new turf be installed upon delivery for a strong beginning of your new lawn.

Delivery tips

We will bring a semi-truck and trailer with a forklift attached. This allows us to place the sod around your home/business as you would like.

We need 9′ of clearance to fit our forklifts through a gate or fence opening. With that clearance we can make the installation a lot less labor intensive by placing the pallets throughout the yard.